Belgium/GERMAN [Berlin]

Born in 1993 in Romania , Alexandra Milea aka Allexandra

is an artist showing the feminine Romanian side, 

mixed with Berlin roots.


Since childhood, 

the piano represented a soul attraction, so she followed 

an arts school. She also had a passion for rock music, 

but did the transition to rave music when she moved to Athens at the age of 15. After years of raving, she discovered that her real dream is to follow the techno music scene and to become a Dj and producer. 

Moving to Bonn, Germany, made Alexandra realise that she has to work to perform into techno music scene.


So, after moving and meetings in lot of cities like London Hamburg or Berlin, the experiences and discoveries about techno and electronic music made Allexandra starts in 2019, a music developing project called Ritm. With a lot of support from her friends and especially from the 3LEMENTS team, she was able to perform and bring her project in city’s like Paris, Bucharest, Berlin , Zürich, London, Hamburg. 

This moment marked the ambition and passion of following only one way in her life, a way finished into an electronic music artist career. 


She has been under contract since 2022

AlpakaClan Booking to stand aside her artist career..

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