Eriksen TecHouse

GERMAN [Berlin]

Dj Coka aka Eriksen TecHouse,


, the Berlin Dj is already for meanwhile 12 years a Dj and travels by clubs of Germany. At the beginning he was only a normal flat turner, however, in the 12 year-old career by German clubs he has developed to the digital Dj and Live-Act of the top class, that the Party Crowd to shake brings. Meanwhile, he also shines with Bookings beyond the club scenery of Germany. The sound of Dj Coka aka Eriksen TecHouse, is a mixture full of energy of Minimally and Techno, however, is developed steadily, because he always wants to do justice to the expectations of the audience. Most important for him is the Partycrowd and, therefore, he never loses out of sight that he belongs to it, basically to the Partycrowd.

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