3# AlpakaClan Around The World Tour @Chris Helmbrecht (Russia)

AlpakaClan Around The World Tour TECHNO BACK TO THE ROOTS

3# AlpakaClan Around The World Tour



Chris Helmbrecht From Russia with Love

Just like now. Loud, impulsive, familiar, connecting, active. One can let oneself fall, escape from everyday life. imaginary
See techno as a term for the real musical culture of music lovers of this genre, far away from commercialization and the hype of being a DJ or his friend.

It is people who create this music from their feeling for harmony or disharmony. Techno is already for me an important music epoch that melts together with all forms of arts and society.
Very important for world history and more and more important in the future.

Many musicians of this genre represent human opinions and do not shy away from revealing and “sharing” the grievances of society. This is heard and read by many of their followers. So this music will hopefully serve in the future as a leading mouthpiece for a better society.
Techno and its real culture sometimes means that strangers meet in one place and experience beautiful moments together.
Far from all prejudices, compulsions, sexism and mostly even without conversation.
This is for me the most beautiful of all experiences while playing and dancing.

Give all people a good time!

Catch us if u can

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